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The DRL and the Future of Sports and Gaming

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The DRL and the Future of Sports and Gaming

ai-kitchen Fall 2016 Series: Cutting Edge Conversations on Current Tech & How We Might Improve It

For our Fall Series, we invite CEOs and leaders in rapidly changing areas of technology for off-the-record discussions on why their technology  is designed the way it is, how its design might affect different types of people, and how we might improve the design.

The Drone Racing League is launching on ESPN this year. Not quite an e-sport, but not quite a contact sport, drone racing is set to stretch our concept of sport and spectatorship. Since it’s a brand new sport, nothing is cast into stone: there are endless possibilities to make it a sport for people of any background. What does the future of drone racing mean for the future of sport?

Guest: Nick Horbaczewski (CEO and founder of The Drone Racing League).

October 19, 2016
Leverett House SCR