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How Might Digital Nomadism Become a Viable Future of Work?

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Is Digital Nomadism a Viable Future of Work?

After teaching a field course for a group of Harvard students in Indonesia in 2015 on the rise of a global digital nomadic workforce, Altringer began researching how digital nomads manage their finances. The research makes it clear that this is a growing phenomenon, and that a relatively small percentage of nomads are able to make a lifestyle of working while traveling or living abroad financially viable. The majority of nomads incur considerable financial risk with this approach to their careers. Read the research findings in this Forbes article: Globetrotting Digital Nomads: The future of work or too good to be true? A PDF copy is available by request.
*NEW* We expect that digital nomadism is changing rapidly and want to see if things have changed since our initial findings in 2016. We have re-opened the survey as of April 2018! You can participate here.